Dog Nature

So much can be learned from animals… They say man’s best friend is the dog… dog backwards is GOD. Is there something symbolic in the language translation? Can we learn to find meaning individually without a need for an outsider’s validation? Life comes in many forms… all forms carry purpose that connects all things to a higher source.

Seasons. Signs. Moving on.

Lessons will be taught. Life is a process.
Processing every experience and developing reactions… developing behaviors…
Coping mechanisms because we learn life is about coping.
Life has a different plan for each soul‚ yet the same inevitable end.
Inevitable indeed…

This life is teaching me lessons about me.
Gifts are given from a divine source. Each soul equipped with something unique. Each soul transported through a body. A vessel in which carries us through the physical realm of  life.
The physical seems to be what we believe in more and more.
Further away from the beginning each generation gets… the more we forget… the less we seem to care about stories our ancestors came to tell… the more attached we become to material things…
All these things that meet the eye satisfy our need for instant gratification…
Instant gratification.
The desires of flesh overpower the desires of Spirit.
Off balance we are thrown.
Thrown into this life. Thrown into this body of mine. Thrown.
Each year that passes, each day we wake up‚ each breath we breathe‚ draws us nearer to when we leave our bodies… becoming a memory…