BluePrint Natal chart

 Data For Tamara Rene Smith

28 December 1984 at 19:39 (7:39 pm)(time zone = UTC -8)
Universal Time: 03:39 29 December 1984
Redwood City, California, United States
37°N29′ 122°W14′
Tropical Zodiac
Campanus Houses

Planets and Points in The Signs

Sun in Capricorn  7°  36′ 49″

You have the desire to climb whatever mountains are necessary and to stand on your own two feet in order to work out your ambitions and your salvation. You are conservative, organized, methodical, traditional, responsible, honest, efficient, patient, practical, authoritative, disciplined, serious and goal-oriented. On the negative side, you can be worried, pessimistic, retaliatory, suspicious, stubborn and intolerant. You are happiest in careers calling for organizing ability, integrity and perseverance. You have a fear of failure.

Your quiet exterior makes you appear to be a loner. You build a wall of reserve around you in order to protect yourself from the ill winds of the world around you. Nothing gets in the way of your plans and ambitions. You strive for security by holding fast to duty and responsibility. Work is very important to you and you do not take it lightly. Many Capricorn natives have an inferiority complex and this sometimes is what drives you so hard to succeed. You want to look good in front of the world.

You like to plan your every move, weighing all the pros and cons of any issue in advance. You are dependable, particularly in a crisis. When asked, you give sound, practical advice. You are, as a rule, not aggressive, and only express hostility as a defense when attacked.

At times, you can be very sensitive to hurts and feel alone as if no one understands you. A negative Capricorn will seek retribution for wrongs done him. You need people, but you have a tendency to isolate yourself from people due to your reserve and fear of being hurt. You can be very loyal to close friends and people you care about. Respect and recognition is important to you. Encouragement and praise are essential for motivating you.

A fear of being without material things makes it mandatory that you have a regular income. Your attainments in life are accomplished through steady progress rather than through speculation or get-rich-quick schemes. You have strong self-discipline and nothing turns you from your course if your mind is made up. You will give up many pleasures in order to reach your goals. Hard work invigorates you. You are thrifty and like to collect things. You abhor waste. This includes wasting a lot of talk in idle chatter. You speak when you have something to say.

You can be creative but you must at times learn to overcome your own self-doubt and lack of confidence. Pessimism in your own abilities can hold you back. You must learn to believe in yourself and become optimistic. There is no mountain you cannot climb if that is what you desire to do.

You have a lot of patience, which is good, because many of your plans meet with delays, setbacks and obstacles. This teaches you obedience, which is thus helping you to strive for spiritual attainment rather than material attainment. For you, work is therapeutic and is probably the best medicine for whatever ails you, except overwork, which you are prone to do. It is difficult for you to really relax. You are happiest when busy, even in your spare time.

You are a thoughtful, self-contained person. Lacking, perhaps, some of the personal magnetism of some of the other zodiac signs, you are nevertheless quite tactful, compassionate and warmhearted. Your own personal suffering helps you identify with the sufferings of others. In love, you are as romantic and emotional as anyone else, but usually you feel inhibited in expressing your emotions. You are cautious in making a total commitment until you know that the traits and lifestyle of the possible partner are compatible with yous. Once married, you seldom divorce because you feel that any situation can be worked out, if only worked at hard enough.

Ascendant in Leo 11°  39′ 01″

People with Leo rising tend to be generous, proud, emotional, romantic, extroverted, vain, egotistical, courageous, sentimental, self-confident, showy, and want to shine and be successful in wherever they go and whatever they do. They like to “rule” and have homage paid to them for their “royal” nature.

You like to take risks and can sometimes be foolhardy, but you definitely have a zest for living. The worst thing someone can do to you is to hurt your pride or be unappreciative of you. You wear your heart on your sleeve in matters of love and you need a partner you can be proud of – and you want them to be proud of you.

You are faithful to and protective of those you love. You can be quick-tempered, but you tend to not stay angry for long. You like to play the kingly role and have a sense of drama surrounding you. You are a ham. You like being the center of attention and will do things just to get that attention.

You can be stubborn in a sunny sort of way. Your roar is worse than your bite. If your pride is hurt or your dignity is trampled on, then watch out, because you can forgive, but you don’t forget. You enjoy sports and out-of-doors activity. Your vitality and spirit are strong except if your heart is broken in love. Your need for love and affection is very great and you need to feel appreciated. If frustrated, you lose your desire for living.

Spiritual lesson to learn: Humility. The Sun rules Leo so the Sun will be important in your chart.

See more about Leo Rising.

Moon in Pisces 25°  56′ 42″

Your emotions are expressed sympathetically and compassionately. You are sensitive, kind and gentle, imaginative, shy, tender-hearted, and have an innate understanding of how other people feel and react to situations.

It hurts you if another is hurt. Because of your kindness and non-judgmental attitude, people in trouble, pain or confusion come to you hoping to find answers. It is difficult for them to think that you may be in pain yourself, but even if you are, you will do your best to help them or teach them. You seem to sense that all the pain you have suffered is for a higher purpose, if only to teach others or help show them the way.

At times, though, your soft-hearted is taken advantage of and then you feel the need to withdraw, to regain your strength and composure. Music plays an important part in your life and you are instinctively drawn to it. It is as a voice from your spirit’s true home. It helps you to express the emotions within that sometimes are so nebulous or vague that they cannot be put into word.

You have a very romantic nature and can fall in love with love. Sometimes your feelings and fantasies get so carried away that you become overly emotional or sentimental, much to the dismay of those around you. You have your moody spells that people do not know how to deal with.

You are not afraid of difficult or hard work and you especially like to work for those less fortunate than yourself. You prefer to work behind the scenes, as you may be easily drained of energy by others. There may be talent in art, dancing or music. Tendencies to daydreaming may need to be controlled.

Mercury in Sagittarius 15°  55′ 05″

You possess idealism, vision, and foresight, and your mind is often occupied with big ideas, plans, and goals for the future. You are interested in what is possible and what is on the horizon, rather than what has already been done. Subjects like philosophy, religion, politics, or education interest you, and you are more concerned with theories, abstractions and concepts than with specific applications. You are not inclined to focus on any one practical, concrete area.

You don’t particularly like details and may find it difficult to concentrate long enough to carry your ideas through to completion. You seek mental freedom, yet your thoughts are usually along traditional lines. Having a gambling instinct, you may enjoy gambling, speculative enterprises and new ventures. You are forward, blunt and direct in speech and you always speak your mind.

People who know you know that you don’t beat around the bush. You are apt to say the first thing that pops into your head. Thus, you have to learn to control your tongue, develop tact, and to think before speaking. Business, advertising, and promotion might be good career areas for you.

You have a keen mind and are impulsive and versatile. You have a tendency to study several similar subjects, to have more than one job and to have several projects going all at the same time. You tend to want to keep on the move, traveling, in order to gain experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Venus in Aquarius 23°  08′ 42″

If you have Venus in Aquarius, your affections are expressed in an open, unconventional and rather detached way. Socializing, bringing people together and having many friends and acquaintances very much appeal to you. Because you value friendship so highly, you may be more comfortable being a friend than a lover. One thing’s for sure – you highly dislike possessive, clingy relationships. You want to be free to do whatever you want with whomever you like. You want an intellectual or spiritual connection with your partner and this may even be the preferred substitute over a very intimate or emotional bonding. You need a partner who will give you plenty of freedom, allowing you to be your own person, and not be too demanding emotionally. You are charming, happy and original, but also, cool, calm and detached. This detachment is beneficial because you, as a rule, are never possessive of people or things. The feelings you have tend to be filtered through your mind and intellectualized. You need to learn warmth and understanding. Read more about Venus in Aquarius.

Mars in Pisces  2°  57′ 47″

Your energies and aggressions tend to come out in non-combative and noncompetitive ways. You are a bit of a pacifist and do not enjoy tackling anyone or anything head-on in a directly confrontational manner. Working around people or situations or working behind the scenes, in secret, is more your preferred style. If necessary, it is more your tendency to give up something rather than to fight for it. Because your ego is not especially interested in personal achievement, glorification, material advantage, or winning at the expense of someone else, you may come across to others as weak-willed or ineffectual. Being on top, being the best, or being first doesn’t mean much to you, hence you can be quite happy in a supporting role, working for the benefit of others or for a cause that you believe in. You may experience difficulties in planning clear and definite goals for yourself in the real world. You are not sure what you want out of life, except you instinctively seem to know that you do have and need to find a spiritual purpose. You have many dreams, high ideals, and a strong mystical or religious impulse. You also have a creative imagination and can successfully apply yourself to art or music. You are intuitive, humorous and diplomatic, quiet on the outside, but restless within. On the negative side you can be indecisive, procrastinating, too interested in the sensual side of life, and may resort to using drugs or alcohol as a way to escape the pressures and responsibilities of dealing with everyday life. Learning self-control is important for you. Take action, don’t only day-dream.

Jupiter in Capricorn 20°  47′ 54″

Your positive qualities are honesty, sincerity, faithfulness, ingenuity, resourcefulness and some degree of mechanical ability. Your attempts at growth, expansion, meeting new opportunities and getting ahead in the world are met with reserve, discipline, caution, system, practicality and organization. You have a desire for material success, yet this may not bring satisfaction or happiness if gained. There may be a tendency toward miserliness and withholding yourself from the rest of the world, financially and emotionally. You hate waste, are self-reliant and self-controlled, and possess a desire to have authority over others. You can rise to great heights if you stay honest, truthful, respectful, and keep your nose clean doing everything above-board.

Saturn in Scorpio 24°  27′ 20″

You can be very self-disciplined. You have executive ability and are perceptive and extremely capable. You may have psychic ability. People may find you difficult to understand because of your reserved exterior and secretiveness. Your mind may be mechanically oriented and you are resourceful, even under the most adverse circumstances, patient and persistent. The action and energy of Mars is combined with the forethought of Saturn in a most wonderful combination. Whatever you do is done with intensity. On the negative side, though, there is danger of stubbornness, revenge, lack of forgiveness, resentment, and ruthlessness. Tendencies to grub for money and prestige can cause harm. There can be health problems with constipation or hemorrhoids. There is a need to transform your desires. You need to learn when and how to let go. This also applies to eliminative bodily functions. Holding onto anger can cause stones to develop in the gall bladder or kidneys.

Uranus in Sagittarius 15°  12′ 07″

Neptune in Capricorn  1°  22′ 41″

Pluto in Scorpio  4°  17′ 55″

Chiron in Gemini  4°  16′ 17″  Rx

Black Moon Lilith in Aries 12°  49′ 23″

Lilith in Aries gives an absolutist character that pushes you to jump into action, even beyond your own desires. This gives passionate tendencies and great sensuality. You have an indomitable personality and will be able to fight for causes that you consider fair. You value individualism. You firmly defend your points of view.

Lilith in Aries is the moon that lights the sky on the darkest nights of the soul. You are bewitched by the most basic instincts. Your sensuality is overflowing. You are very direct in love, throwing yourself on the object of your affection, even with violence. This can cause your partner to reject you.

In negative people, the dark side of their sexuality can become cruel and brutal. If this is the case, they will suffer much displeasure in marriage due to their being repeatedly unfaithful. People with Black Moon Lilith in Aries know about sexuality from a very young age. Some may even be a “Peeping Tom.”

For your Black Moon in Aries to work well:

Be true to yourself. Examine what circumstances make you jump, or provoke you, and why.

North Node in Taurus 26°  34′ 26″  Rx

Part of Fortune in Taurus 23°  19′ 09″

Your greatest satisfaction comes from everything that is solid, stable and lasting. You know how to trust that life will work out. You learn to rest when you need it, even if you are not looking for fleeting or superficial pleasures. For everything you come across, you want to know its purpose and use, and how to sustain and develop it for a better future. You recognize the beauty of all things in your environment. You enjoy the things that express your most sincere values and principles. Read more about Part of Fortune in Taurus.

Vertex in Sagittarius 26°  17′ 39″

Midheaven in Taurus  2°  29′ 30″

Planets and Points in The Houses

Sun in Fifth House

You have a desire to reveal your creativity, either constructively or destructively. You are interested in all forms of creative self- expression, such as sports, books, acting, the dramatic, games and romance. You have the ability to enjoy life and to give enjoyment to others. Happiness comes from your artistic or creative endeavors. You need to watch a tendency to be dictatorial or to take unnecessary risks.

NOTE: Since Sun is very close to the next house cusp, the next item is also relevant.

Sun in Sixth House

You feel a need to serve others or to be of service to them. Or perhaps it’s that you simply want to be served yourself. There may be a tendency to wallow in self-pity, seek sympathy for any little thing, or to develop hypochondriac tendencies. You are a faithful, diligent and loyal employee who is usually helpful to fellow employees. Some with this position are domineering and develop a false pride with those they work with or for. You can be an administrator, but you may prefer to be an employee. If you are in a position of authority, be careful not to be the office tyrant. You are very happy when you are busy and you hate being bored. You take great pride in your work and your workplace. This is where you want to shine and be better than all others. Worry and anxiety, especially over the desire to do things perfectly, can be detrimental to your health. You need to learn how to relax and not let stress and tension get to you. With this position you should be especially careful to take good care of your physical body.

Moon in Eighth House

You desire security and perhaps look for it through other people’s possessions or resources. You have self-doubt and worry. You may be subject to jealousy, envy and possessiveness. Psychic sensitivity is noticeable and psychic abilities can be developed, hopefully along positive lines. There may be financial gain through a partnership, business or through marriage. You are intrigued by what motivates others. Preoccupation with sex or death can exist for you. Concerning vocation: A work situation dependent upon others’ resources is noted. Work involving reform, transformation, rehabilitation, mystery, psychology, playing detective, or research work appeals to you.

Mercury in Fifth House

You have a need to prove your intelligence and to use that intelligence in creating things of a mental nature – mental children, as it were. You desire to pass on your knowledge to others and to learn from them as well. Teaching children or young adults may provide quite a lift for you. Games of strategy and skill challenge your intellect. You desire to communicate your thoughts in a clever, inspiring and dramatic manner. You may have acting, writing, or speaking ability. As a teacher, you enjoy stimulating the minds of others and encouraging your students to greater things. Romances probably need to involve someone with whom you can communicate intelligently and relate to mentally. For you, sexiness is in the brain.

Venus in Seventh House

You are charming, sociable and friendly and it is easy for people to see your loving nature. Partnerships are generally happy and harmonious. But your desire for peace and harmony at all costs may be detrimental to you if you do not stand up for your own needs. You desire a spouse who is attractive and probably well off financially. Creature comforts and enjoying them with your partner are desired. Take care that you do not get in the habit of expecting too much from others, though.

You have a deep appreciation of the value of relationships. Too great an emphasis on affection might cause problems for you. A desire for the perfect relationship may be so strong that any imperfections in your relationship could be blown up beyond proportion. Balance and poise are necessary

You seek a partner that can supply you with “the good life”. You want beauty, luxury and the finer things in life and you seek a partner who can provide these. Perhaps marriage will bring you to a higher station in life. Over-indulgence and over-emphasizing the sensual side of life can lead to problems. You must have a partner you feel is cooperative rather than competitive. If Venus is aspected poorly in your chart, then perhaps your partner’s moral standards are subject to question.

Mars in Seventh House

You are independent, like to have your own way and you must develop gentleness and diplomacy in order to avoid rubbing people the wrong way. You need to learn how to cooperate with others.

Relationships energize you and you get a great deal of stimulation from them. You desire an active partner who can help you share in the goings-on of the world. Your partner needs to challenge you, help you initiate projects and perhaps compete with you. You need a sparring partner! Your relationships have much energy and you need to channel that energy into constructive means and not into destructive ones. The competition between you and your partner might better be directed towards the outer world.

In all your dealings with others you enjoy the element of challenge and competition. You may goad others just to see how they will react. The chase is important to you, perhaps more important than the end result. Because you enjoy the action, you may not mind losing battles to a partner who is prepared to carry the fight to you. Your marriage partner is likely to be very ardent, positive, active, capable and courageous, with a will of their own. Perhaps the partner you seek is someone who can play the role of a champion or a crusader. Mars here makes for an association where the passions have full play and a love match with much devotion is possible. The tendency is to marry early, often as a result of love at first sight, although if Mars is badly aspected, you may “marry in haste and repent at leisure”.

There may be strife and friction in marriage as a result of the partner’s hasty temper, intemperance, extravagance, brashness, intolerance, over-demanding attitude or violence.

In order to get the best results from marriage and partnership, you should try to be as cooperative and easy-going as possible, practicing gentleness and diplomacy rather than allowing any assertive or quarrelsome tendencies to gain the upper hand.

Jupiter in Sixth House

Jupiter in the 6th House tends to give good health. Any health problems are usually caused by extravagance and over-indulgence, too much of a good thing. You are helpful to others and are a dependable worker with a sense of loyalty. You inspire cooperation and good will among your fellow workers. You enjoy your work and give of your time willingly. Watch that you do not overwork or overindulge in eating or drinking. There could be difficulties in the liver and blood or poor circulation due to over-indulgence.

Saturn in Fourth House

You are probably conservative and perhaps find security in land or real estate or in old, traditional ways, beliefs, things or antiques. You may dislike change because of an unconscious fear of the unknown. You may have a desire to accumulate possessions, for security reasons. There may be many responsibilities and problems in your home or family life. You may be somewhat of a tyrant or strict disciplinarian in your home or with your family. Inner worries may cause ulcers. You may be a caretaker of someone or of your parents, perhaps because of a karmic debt to them. The later part of life can be more rewarding if you learn the lessons life has to teach you in your earlier years. If not, then old age may not be as pleasant.

Uranus in Fifth House

You definitely possess creative originality. Your hobbies are unusual and interesting. Your desire for independence may make love affairs and relationships with children unsettling. Your children may be very unique, so much so that neither you nor they can understand the other. You are disinterested in society’s social games and are more concerned about your own inclinations. Speculation can get you into trouble – be careful. Sudden gain and sudden loss are possible. Unexpected gains without any effort on your part can come to you, which may generate an attitude within that you just can’t lose. Watch out for that. Your love life is unusual, sometimes maybe even wild. Your approach to romance and dating may be somewhat cavalier, unconventional and/or rebellious. Read more about Uranus in the fifth house.

Neptune in Fifth House

You are artistic and creative. You have a flare for the dramatic and perhaps love being “on stage”. You like playing the role of the entertainer. Chaotic love affairs with much confusion can be experienced or love affairs just seem to dissolve for no particular reason. In matters of love you can be the hopeless romantic or the one who is constantly looking for that white knight or princess to sweep you off your feet. Idealism is fine, but don’t lose your practicality or let your imagination run away with you. Your children may be unusual. Perhaps they require some special care. Great sacrifices can be made for children and love interests, but little may be gained in return. Read more about Neptune in the fifth house.

Pluto in Fourth House

You may have a good imagination and intuitive ability. There is a desire for a loving home atmosphere, yet power struggles and a desire to wear the pants in the family may cause problems. The influence of one or both parents is strong for good or ill. Perhaps one or both are manipulative or controlling. You may possess an explosive temper due to the inner tension at home. You may feel restless in the place of your birth. The home may be your place for regeneration.

Chiron in Eleventh House

Black Moon Lilith in Ninth House

North Node in Tenth House

Part of Fortune in Tenth House

You feel better when you do what gives you self-respect. You also inspire this behavior in others. Everything in your life needs to bring concrete results. Your greatest satisfaction lies in fulfilling a specific goal that you have defined yourself.

You want to be accepted by others and by those in positions of authority, which is not easy, because you must develop great maturity, see the world without illusions, and maintain perseverance and continuous effort.

You see the reality of the world, so you understand the emotional needs that lead others to negativity and to have emotional dependencies. You must overcome the childishness of your reactions, the repetition of patterns, and excessive sensitivity, which only trap you in the past. Read more about Part of Fortune in 10th House.

Vertex in Fifth House

If you would like an in-depth report for a couple, get a relationship report with exact birth times.


Sun Sextile Mars (orb 4°39′)

Sun Conjunction Neptune (orb 6°14′)

Sun Sextile Pluto (orb 3°19′)

Sun Quincunx Ascendant (orb 4°2′)

Sun Trine Midheaven (orb 5°7′)

Moon Sextile Jupiter (orb 5°9′)

Moon Trine Saturn (orb 1°29′)

Moon Square Neptune (orb 5°26′)

Moon Sextile North Node (orb 0°38′)

Mercury Conjunction Uranus (orb 0°43′)

Mercury Trine Ascendant (orb 4°16′)

Venus Square Saturn (orb 1°19′)

Venus Square Part of Fortune (orb 0°10′)

Mars Sextile Neptune (orb 1°35′)

Mars Trine Pluto (orb 1°20′)

Mars Square Chiron (orb 1°19′)

Mars Sextile Midheaven (orb 0°28′)

Jupiter Sextile Saturn (orb 3°39′)

Saturn Opposition Part of Fortune (orb 1°8′)

Uranus Trine Ascendant (orb 3°33′)

Neptune Sextile Pluto (orb 2°55′)

Neptune Quincunx Chiron (orb 2°54′)

Neptune Trine Midheaven (orb 1°7′)

Pluto Quincunx Chiron (orb 0°2′)

Pluto Square Ascendant (orb 7°21′)

Pluto Opposition Midheaven (orb 1°48′)

Compare House Systems

Tamara Rene Smith’s Planets’ and Points’ House Positions By House System
Alcabitius 5 – 6 8 5 7 7 6 4 5 5 4 10 9 10 10 5
Campanus 5 – 6 8 5 7 7 6 4 5 5 4 11 9 10 10 5
Equal 5 8 5 7 7 6 4 5 5 3 10 9 10 10 5 9
Koch 5 8 5 7 7 6 4 5 5 4 10 9 10 10 5
Meridian 6 8 5 7 8 6 4 5 6 4 11 9 10 10 5 1
Morinus 6 8 5 7 8 6 4 5 6 4 11 9 10 10 5 1 10
Placidus 5 8 5 7 7 – 8 6 4 5 5 4 10 9 10 10 5
Porphyry 5 – 6 8 5 7 7 6 4 5 5 4 10 – 11 9 10 10 5
Regiomontanus 5 8 5 7 7 6 4 5 5 4 10 9 10 10 5
Topocentric 5 8 5 7 7 – 8 6 4 5 5 4 10 9 10 10 5
Vehlow 6 8 – 9 5 7 8 6 4 5 6 4 11 9 10 – 11 10 5 – 6 1 10
Whole Sign 6 8 5 7 8 6 4 5 6 4 11 9 10 10 5 1 10
Tamara Rene Smith’s House Cusps
HOUSE SYSTEM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Alcabitius 11°  39′ 01″  7°  50′ 06″  5°  20′ 26″  2°  29′ 30″  6°  44′ 43″  8°  44′ 04″ 11°  39′ 01″  7°  50′ 06″  5°  20′ 26″  2°  29′ 30″  6°  44′ 43″  8°  44′ 04″
Campanus 11°  39′ 01″  9°  44′ 02″  5°  26′ 21″  2°  29′ 30″  3°  55′ 53″  8°  51′ 00″ 11°  39′ 01″  9°  44′ 02″  5°  26′ 21″  2°  29′ 30″  3°  55′ 53″  8°  51′ 00″
Equal 11°  39′ 01″ 11°  39′ 01″ 11°  39′ 01″ 11°  39′ 01″ 11°  39′ 01″ 11°  39′ 01″ 11°  39′ 01″ 11°  39′ 01″ 11°  39′ 01″ 11°  39′ 01″ 11°  39′ 01″ 11°  39′ 01″
Koch 11°  39′ 01″  8°  23′ 58″  5°  30′ 32″  2°  29′ 30″ 13°  42′ 34″ 14°  30′ 08″ 11°  39′ 01″  8°  23′ 58″  5°  30′ 32″  2°  29′ 30″ 13°  42′ 34″ 14°  30′ 08″
Meridian 28°  11′ 40″ 28°  07′ 41″  0°  19′ 28″  2°  29′ 30″  2°  22′ 28″  0°  16′ 23″ 28°  11′ 40″ 28°  07′ 41″  0°  19′ 28″  2°  29′ 30″  2°  22′ 28″  0°  16′ 23″
Morinus  2°  29′ 30″  2°  22′ 28″  0°  16′ 23″ 28°  11′ 40″ 28°  07′ 41″  0°  19′ 28″  2°  29′ 30″  2°  22′ 28″  0°  16′ 23″ 28°  11′ 40″ 28°  07′ 41″  0°  19′ 28″
Placidus 11°  39′ 01″  3°  39′ 25″  0°  17′ 32″  2°  29′ 30″  7°  58′ 17″ 11°  52′ 21″ 11°  39′ 01″  3°  39′ 25″  0°  17′ 32″  2°  29′ 30″  7°  58′ 17″ 11°  52′ 21″
Porphyry 11°  39′ 01″  8°  35′ 51″  5°  32′ 41″  2°  29′ 30″  5°  32′ 41″  8°  35′ 51″ 11°  39′ 01″  8°  35′ 51″  5°  32′ 41″  2°  29′ 30″  5°  32′ 41″  8°  35′ 51″
Regiomontanus 11°  39′ 01″  4°  58′ 11″  0°  16′ 42″  2°  29′ 30″ 10°  49′ 31″ 15°  03′ 18″ 11°  39′ 01″  4°  58′ 11″  0°  16′ 42″  2°  29′ 30″ 10°  49′ 31″ 15°  03′ 18″
Topocentric 11°  39′ 01″  3°  38′ 56″  0°  17′ 32″  2°  29′ 30″  7°  53′ 20″ 11°  45′ 31″ 11°  39′ 01″  3°  38′ 56″  0°  17′ 32″  2°  29′ 30″  7°  53′ 20″ 11°  45′ 31″
Vehlow 26°  39′ 01″ 26°  39′ 01″ 26°  39′ 01″ 26°  39′ 01″ 26°  39′ 01″ 26°  39′ 01″ 26°  39′ 01″ 26°  39′ 01″ 26°  39′ 01″ 26°  39′ 01″ 26°  39′ 01″ 26°  39′ 01″
Whole Sign  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″  0°  00′ 00″

Redwood City, California, United States

Published by

Tamara Rene

I am who I am... and I am realizing I was custom made to be here. Divine design and the process to embrace my light and believe in the signs that the universe provides while shifting to a new state of being. An evolved mind. An extension of God.

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